Dorothea von Mücke

Dorothea von Mücke, PhD Stanford University, is the Gebhard Professor of German Language and Literature at Columbia University in New York. She was Visiting Professor at the Justus Liebig University Gie.en, FU Berlin and USP São Paulo. Her research focuses on the European Enlightenment, German Classicism and Romanticism, aesthetics, semiotics and media, and more recently, 19th century Realism, the histories of anthropology and short forms. Her publications include: Virtue and the Veil of Illusion (Stanford: Stanford UP, 1991); The Seduction of the Occult and the Rise of the Fantastic Tale (Stanford: Stanford UP, 2003); The Practices of the Enlightenment. Aesthetics, Authorship and the Public (New York: Columbia UP, 2015). She is also a co-editor of A New History of German Literature (Cambridge: Harvard UP, 2004).

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Dorothea von Mücke: „Das gemalte nächtliche Tapetenvaterland“

Realist Aesthetics and the Politics of Representation
Heft No. 01/2019 /// Abstract