Pajari Räsänen

Pajari Räsänen, presently a post-doctoral research fellow at the University of Helsinki, completed his PhD degree in Comparative Literature with the thesis Counter-figures. An Essay on Anti-Metaphorical Resistance: Paul Celan’s Poetry and Poetics at the Limits of Figurality in 2007. He has co-edited, with Kuisma Korhonen, the volume The Event of Encounter in Art and Philosophy. Continental Perspectives (Helsinki: Gaudeamus, 2010), which contains his article „‚Undecidably Equivocal‘: On Todtnauberg and Forgiveness“. 

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Pajari Räsänen: Breathings

On Paul Celan's Poem "Fahlstimmig"
Heft No. 02/2013 /// Abstract