Lilian Munk Rösing

Lilian Munk Rösing is Associate Professor at the Department of Arts and Cultural Studies, Copenhagen University, and a literary critic. She does her research and writing in the cross field of aesthetics, psychoanalysis, and cultural criticism. Her most recent book is on the painter Anna Ancher: Anna Anchers rum (Copenhagen: Gyldendal, 2018). In English, she has published one book: Pixar with Lacan. The Hysteric’s Guide to Animation (London: Bloomsbury, 2017) and edited two anthologies: Literature. Introduction to Theory and Analysis (London: Bloomsbury, 2017) and Analysing the Cultural Unconscious (London: Bloomsbury, 2021).

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Lilian Munk Rösing: The Glacial Sublime

Hans Christian Andersen’s „The Ice Maiden“ and Caspar David Friedrich’s „The Sea of Ice“
Heft No. 01/2022 /// Abstract