Elisabeth Strowick

Elisabeth Strowick, PhD University of Hamburg, is Full Professor of German at New York University. Having received her Habilitation from the University of Basel, she held positions there and at The Johns Hopkins University. She was Visiting Professor at Yale University, Vanderbilt University and FU Berlin as well as at the Center for Literary and Cultural Research in Berlin. Her areas of expertise are German literature, culture, and thought from the 19th century to the present, with a special emphasis on literary theory, psychoanalysis, aesthetics, rhetoric, and the poetics of knowledge. She is the author of Gespenster des Realismus. Zur literarischen Wahrnehmung von Wirklichkeit (Paderborn: Fink, 2019), Sprechende Körper – Poetik der Ansteckung. Performativa in Literatur und Rhetorik (Paderborn: Fink, 2009) and Passagen der Wiederholung. Kierkegaard – Lacan – Freud (Stuttgart: Metzler, 1999).

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Elisabeth Strowick: Schizo-Realismus

Das Reale in der Literatur des 19. Jahrhunderts
Heft No. 01/2019 /// Abstract